Creux du Van, Neuchâtel

Throughout the year I'm able to enjoy many hikes when we have our weekend mountain trips. Often times this means I'm also able to lead a hiking group, helping others to enjoy being in the outdoors. On this trip to the canton of Neuchâtel, this was the first time one of the people in the group from Australia had seen and touched snow! 

Winter, Summer, Winter, Summer

Reflecting back on the earlier part of this year, I was amazed in a small month and a half period of time I experience the seasons switching back and forth. The pictures below correspond to these dates:

March 3, Winter, stuck in Geneva due to the snow
March 16, Summer, Hawaii facilitating the YWAM leaders conference
April 5, Winter, Minnesota to complete some practical life things
April 20, Summer weather, back in Lausanne Switzerland

April 12 - May 12

A cozy Sunday afternoon calls for going back through photos, and finally getting to long awaited to-do lists or projects. This weekend after a beautiful afternoon nap, I went back through some photos from this year and compiled a snapshot of a month here in Lausanne. The bright and colorful spring, with the flowers, cool evenings, and warming days for board games on the patio. My designer eye really appreciates how God has created such a colorful world!