A small update

A whirlwind of activity, a jet lagged week, a wonderful introduction to DTS.

This week we hit the ground running (and walking), through rain, snow, over hills, steps, and cobblestones. Not only was it an introduction to DTS but also the city of Lausanne. Normally I journal about my life very consistently, and since I haven’t had time to properly sit down and reflect, my thoughts seem a little all over the place. I promise a much more in depth post next weekend, with photos and much more fun info about Switzerland. 

Spiritually I come here expectant but also hesitant. I’ve had so many people tell me in these past few weeks leading up to DTS that it will change my life. I’m excited for that to happen. It’s so strange to have lived life in a certain way, and longing for it to change but being unsure of the unknown. The good unknown where God will bring you to a better place, of knowing Him more.

Physically I come here tired. Exhausted really. The hurried and stressful past month at work, finishing projects and saying goodbye. In the last five days at home I spent two and a half sick in bed, probably just the culmination of the level of stress and fatigue from the past few months. But there is also a renewed sense of energy for the new experiences, faces, and places.

Emotionally I come here ready and filled. From all the goodbyes and gatherings, I have never experienced such support and love from so many friends, family, and coworkers. The letters, cards, kind words, and prayers are all so appreciated and have filled me with a drive to make the most of this opportunity. 

Thought I would share the schedule of this past week, it's been quite packed! You may have seen a photo or two from Instagram of some of the fun events, if not you can click on my photos tab and take a look.