The above is a quick sketch I made while babysitting a few months ago, but it's a simple reminder of how as a follower of Christ I'm meant for interdependence. I've mentioned a term 'support raising' here a few times. It's something I've been doing for the past few months while home. But what is it really? Some of you may be completely unfamiliar with the term and that's okay. So here's a quick rundown. There are many non-profits and Christian mission organizations around the world, and the work they do is generally funded through people giving. For the people working in the organization there are different ways they are funded, sometimes from the organization itself, and others through something called support raising which is how YWAM works.

Some of the following is paraphrased from YWAM's statement, which words it quite well: 'Everyone who works in YWAM practices a life of dependence on God for financial provision. This comes primarily through people who believe in us and what we’re doing. We give our time and our talents to serve God and others with no formal agreement or expectation of financial compensation.' Currently now for my life that means I'm doing individual support raising. I get to share my story, how I will be able to serve, and what needs I have along the way. It may seem pretty wild and illogical to depend totally on God for everything, and it's true I have those doubts and questions that come up. But I know for certain for this time in my life I am stepping out and trusting that He will provide. I have already seen it. 

Practically to live of course funds are needed, but support raising is much more than just raising funds. I'm raising support because I need a team, to be on a mission I need to be sent, and I want to share what happens along the way. I'm going to serve in Switzerland and other places in the world, but I'm not doing it alone. Being a part of YWAM I have the privilege of building up a team of committed people who are supporting me and praying on a regular basis. It all comes back to interdependence and community. We are not meant to live alone, and this is one way that it is being expressed in my life at this time.