International Community

One of the best aspects of living at YWAM Lausanne is participating in the international live learn community. Just to give you an idea of how international the community is here, I will break it down into some numbers for you:

  • There are 13 nations represented in my DTS (where people were born, grew up, or currently live). The countries are USA, Canada, Netherlands, Australia, South Korea, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, Finland, Denmark, Pakistan, Ireland and Germany. 

  • My roommates, all from DTS, are from USA, Canada, Netherlands, and South Korea/Pakistan. 

  • Our lecturers so far have been from Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, USA, Australia, and Egypt. 

  • In addition to all those other countries, there are staff and students in other schools here that I interact with who are from England, Brazil, Venezuela, New Zealand, France, China, and Germany.

There aren't very many settings in life like this where you can interact with people from so many different cultures at once. Many lively discussions happen around the dinner table because we all bring our unique perspectives. It has been a great learning experience, full of laughter, to live with people from so many different cultures. How we eat, clean, converse, and greet others is very much formed by our culture. Often someone will unconsciously do something that is perfectly natural to them, which results in laughter and many questions from others. It's such a great setting to learn how to interact with people different from me, as we are all learning together. 

All the awesome people I get to spend my time with on DTS

All the awesome people I get to spend my time with on DTS