Swiss Outlets

One of my favorite things when being in another country is observing the simple everyday things, like light switches and electrical outlets, that are different from home. When we are at home, everything is normal to us, we wouldn't give a second thought to an electrical outlet because it would look how we expect it to.

When I look at the walls here in Switzerland I'm reminded that this is a new place, so I thought I would share some pictures of the outlets here. They are unique to Switzerland as no other country has this same shape, though the two prong plugs for most of Europe usually work here. In the large rooms here there are no off switches for the lights, as they are on occupancy sensors. It's been funny getting used to lights turning off in rooms if you are not moving around, which usually results in waving your arms around in the dark until they back on. It's so wise though, I can't imagine how much energy it saves. Enjoy the photos!