A Creative Perspective


During a local outreach on a recent Wednesday afternoon I participated in a prayer group focused on the arts. As a group we spent almost an hour in one of my favorite places in the city, the Cathedral. We enjoyed the beautiful interior space while praying and sketching. Near the end of our time that afternoon we were treated to pipe organ music as someone came in to practice. It's amazing to not only be in a space like that, but see it come alive with the music echoing off the more than 700 year old walls. The sketches and photos are small snapshot of that afternoon. 

The experience of that afternoon made me think of something one of the speakers mentioned last week about stories, or experiences that fill our heart with longing and joy. 'Something in our soul drinks it in, because it is the truth.' Something in us comes alive when we hear the great stories of ordinary people becoming something more because we all have that desire to be more. In my experience I've seen that God put that desire in us because He created us to be alive and thrive, to experience and dream up beautiful moments that remind us of Him.