A New Place


We have been in our location for almost 18 days now. Since we have limited internet usage I'm able to usually only have enough time to check emails and reply. Today is our day off from ministry, so we are sitting at a peaceful outdoor restaurant with wifi in abundance. Thought I would update about our first week here.  

 Wednesday 30th-Thursday 31st: we left Switzerland in the late afternoon, and landed little before 2am. On the second flight something in my stomach did not feel right, and lets say I had a great welcome to outreach by spending some hours in the bathroom until around 6am, and spending the rest of the day in bed consuming only crackers and water. 

Friday 1st: Felt right as rain, we went to a local well known church in an area where many tourists don't usually venture. In a meeting area outside we gathered to sing, share testimonies and bible lessons, talking with people and answering questions (through a translator). In the evening we went to a center for a minority community here, to learn about their culture and history, as well as current state of their country. 

Saturday 2nd: we went to some other areas of the city to learn about the culture, pray, and enjoy some food. We also had some good conversations with locals sharing about faith and life. 

Sunday 3rd: most of the day I was preparing a sermon for the church service we went to in the evening. I gave a 30 minute sermon in front of the whole church, so that was a first! And man, they love music loud! I was right up front because that's where they put guests so my right ear was ringing all night after the church. 

Monday 4th: we went to a school, and the team split into smaller groups to teach some life values lessons. We had prepared very differently and it turned out we had to go for twice as long teaching and change our plan. Outreach is definitely about flexibility and being super ready to change up everything in a moment.

Tuesday 5th: we had a free day so I ended up talking to my team leader and had a good one on one conversation for about 2 hours, then went to a nice outdoor area at a coffee shop and sat by a fountain and wrote in my journal.

Wednesday 6th: We had team worship and prayer time most of the morning, and then went to a center in the evening, where I taught English class! It was certainly a dream come true because I've wanted to try teaching English for awhile. Me and another girl taught for an hour and 50 minutes. The people are at just above a very basic level, so even teaching the words 'give' 'giving' 'gave' and 'take' 'taking' and 'took' are exciting and new. 

Thursday 7th: We went on a tour of two churches close by to where we live. One had amazing paintings inside, I actually recognized some of them because I've seen them in pictures.

Hopefully that gives you a taste of what I am up to here. There has been so much learning about culture, and many great stories. thank you for your prayers and continue to pray for what me and my team are doing.