Reflections - DTS

A small distance to feel so close, but far away enough to reflect. 

My DTS ended on May 31st. I find myself here in Lasuanne for a new season. It's been a whirlwind of five months. During the lecture and outreach phases we had to write weekly reflections, capturing our thoughts, questions, musings, favorite things of the week, and highs and lows. Reading through all the reflections from lecture phase brought back each week into sharp focus. It's humbling to look back and see that every single week was filled with deep learning and growth. 

During this time I've often felt like a paper boat tossed to and fro, flimsy and weak against the waves. Teaching in a school during outreach one day, we focused on how Jesus calmed the wind and the waves. In Mark 4:35-41 it tells the story of how Jesus performed a miracle in calming the storm. If He has that power over the wind, how much more in my life! (And yours). 

Summing up five months in a simple paragraph won't be adequate, but there are three main things that stood out the whole time.

REST - hand in hand with trust. When I rest from what I do, I'm trusting that God will take care of things. 

LOVE - God is about love through and through. When I know I have a God who loves me, I can have confidence to both step out, or step back When needed. 

PROUD - God is a proud Father. I can have confidence in Him, He won't let me down. 

Those things may seem simple and small, but throughout it was the foundational things that stood out the most. 

Returning the the boat analogy I created a sketch based on our graduation night theme 'Set Your Sails.'

Away into the future  

Away into the future