Reflections - Short Term Project

Combining interior design and missions seemed impossible to me a few months ago, now the past three weeks I've been able to use my skills to help in a project here. 

During lecture phase I switched from lunch cleanup team to help on the building project during our work time. The architect for the YWAM Architectural Design Studio asked if I could stay on and help, and I've fortunately been able to. Jumping into volunteering here short term has been a great experience, and helped me see how much went on behind the scenes for my DTS to happen. 

The school here is looking to add additional housing, so I've been helping with the process. I also took the 20+ year old construction plans for the chalet, scanned them in to have electronic copies, and drew the plan in AutoCAD, a drafting program. I have enjoyed working in the metric measurement system (hopefully one day the US will adopt...) and learning French from construction documents and Google translate. 

Both during lecture, and outreach I rediscovered many activities I hadn't done in a long time. On the airplane and in the airport returning from outreach I sketched something to remind me how so many things have come back to life during these past few months. The words are taken from a song Jesus We Love You by Bethel Music. 

These past few weeks helping on the project opened my eyes to using my design skills in a new way, hopefully something I can continue with in the future.