Creative Aims

I've always been fascinated by watercolor, growing up I experimented with a wide variety of arts and craft mediums (acrylic painting, crocheting, sculpture, cake decorating, sewing, woodworking, sketching, origami, bead animals, drawing, etc) but I've never landed on watercolor. I was always intimidated because I had heard that watercolor was difficult. I guess it's difficult if you work with it trying to be perfect? Mostly I'm having fun, and dreaming up of all the things I want to paint for people. 

File 18.10.17, 21 22 26.jpeg

This quarter I'm co-leading an Arts Ministry Circle. We have these Ministry Circles usually every quarter to explore new ways that we can serve others, and reach out to the city. This quarter we have many groups with different focuses, some more centered on educating and learning, and others more on application. My group is exploring how we can serve the city in even small ways with the arts. We've landed on a creating a postcard art project, to hand out in the city.  Each week we go to the city to have a time where we give out hot chocolate or ice tea depending on the season, and do simple acts of kindness to spark conversations about faith and life. 

Below are some images of what we have been creating so far in our group, mostly with combining watercolor and drawing. It's been very fun creating together, and dreaming up ways how we can use our creative talents to brighten people's day!