Swiss Night

The year here at YWAM Lausanne is split into four quarters, and at the beginning of every quarter soon after students arrive we have an event called Swiss Night. It's not only a time to celebrate the culture of Switzerland and welcome the students to the land, but also where we learn a bit about the history of this influential country and get to taste some of the regional foods. We also dress ‘Swiss inspired’ which has many interpretations, as you can see in the photos below I was trying to emulate the country's flag, my friend Michael went for a more historic representation wearing lederhosen.

During the evening we enjoy what Switzerland is known for: cheese, zopf bread, chocolate, and fondue! Hint: you must drink warm tea after fondue, and not cold water otherwise it feels like the cheese turns into a brick in your stomach. I enjoyed Swiss night last year while I did my DTS and did not follow that wise hint, but this year I was wiser. This year I was also able to help with the preparations and baking for the evening. In the afternoon my MLD class started with cutting all the huge blocks of cheese into smaller cubes, peeled and chopped fruit, and prepared cream and fruit pies.