This photo is a bit old now, as it's now feeling like spring here in Lausanne! I enjoy the warmer temps, but there is something so magical about walking through the forest in the winter. I will have to wait another year to see the trees covered in white again. Like looking back on winter, and then seeing spring unfolding, it's amazing to see how things change over the years. Before I came to Lausanne I looked back in my journal from a few years ago to rediscover some things I was thinking about, waiting for different things in life to unfold. Here's an entry from September 8th, 2009:

"It is a very great aim of mine to not become comfortable.

That’s hugely what my head wants, comfort, the familiar, but my heart desires a greater adventure, an epic that is full of the unknown. Don’t all the stories, the great ones, always involve the unknown?

Lord take me to places I never thought I would go, bring me to a point with You I never thought I would be. My adventure begins, the road unfolds before my eager feet."