Perusing through photos the other evening, I decided to make myself a reminder in the above image. I have the privilege to live right next to an amazing forest that stretches for kilometers, with winding paths, paved paths, water fountains, and views of the mountains. Sometimes if you get the timing right you can walk through the forest as a fog passes through, sweeping through the trees. I was reflecting recently that it is silly then that I find myself rarely in the woods. No matter what your job, studies, time, or setting it seems easy to fall into a routine and forget about the things that bring life. 

Recently I listened to a message from Dan Baumann, he is someone in YWAM who has an amazing life story including being imprisoned in Iran, and falling off a 30ft cliff and having a journey of healing. One thing he said was that our life and serving was always meant to be an overflow. Our life doesn't start first with the doing, but with finding joy in the Creator who made us. It's in those walking in the woods moments taking a pause where we rediscover once again what brings joy, and gives energy for our days. Inspecting the trees rings, inhaling the smell of pine needles warmed in the sun, and watching the rolling clouds all give a little hint of the beauty of the God who made us.