We cannot love what we do not linger over...Lingering, by definition, takes time...the real or perceived societal pressure we feel to get more and more things done, and process more and more information, can be an enemy to real love and true learning. - Four Reasons to Slow Down by Jon Bloom at DesiringGod.org

Funny to look back and see the last blog post titled 'Patience.' Certainly this has turned into a season of patience due to fracturing and badly spraining my foot in Asia at the beginning of this month. During this time I have been trying to discover what I can learn in my quiet moments, having hours to journal, read, sleep, and rest. I realize how much I put my value in doing things and having output even in my personal time. I want to write so many pages in my journal, read this many chapters in the book, tick off this and that to do list item. I cannot tick off the box of 'heal my foot' in one day, or just a few weeks. 

I wrote the quote above in my journal earlier this year, and around the same time I wrote repeatedly on the topic of slowing down, resting, being alone, and not being busy. Now running on the 'patient speed of God' as the author of the article puts it, my world opens up only as fast as my foot heals. The first week spending most of the time in bed, the second walking to and from the main base building once a day, and now I've stretched to being able to put weight on my foot. 

Earlier this spring the evergreens trees in the forest were filled with bright green new growth. I loved this picture of change and growth with the color contrast, and that's the image that keeps coming into my mind when I get frustrated and just want to run, or walk...or carry a cup of tea from one room to another. This is a stretching season for me but growing my capacity to go into new areas; all coming out a season of rest.