I have to remind myself I have only been here for four and a half months, which gives me patience when I'm making baby steps in language learning. The bright and sunny weather here has been perfect for studying on the patio reading very slowly in french with my pocket dictionary in hand. Attending a church where tous services sont en fran├žais (services are all in French), has been great motivation every week to learn as much as possible. I've discovered a special delight when I learn a new word or study a verb and am able to read more street signs or understand a little bit more of a conversation overheard in the city. The challenge for this recovering perfectionist right here is to completely accept the fact that I will consistently and constantly make mistakes while learning both the culture and language here. Already there have been many quizzical looks, laughs, confusion, and the 'did you really understand what I just said?' stares...from both strangers and french speaking friends. Humbling in a good way.