Fête nationale suisse!

Today is my first experience of Swiss National Day, August 1st. 726 years ago there was the Federal Charter of 1291 where three different Alpine cantons (like states) of Switzerland, swore an oath of confederation in the beginning of August. Later that was regarded as the founding of Switzerland, so thus on the first day in August Swiss people gather together and celebrate! Some of the popular activities remind me of the 4th of July in the States, with some exceptions. In the morning many gather at farms for a brunch or have picnics specifically by the lake in Lausanne, there are Swiss flags hung in restaurants and houses, small villages have festivals with giant bonfires, and of course fireworks displays big and small finish the day. Also when I mention giant bonfires, I mean take a look at the massive pile of logs ready to be burned compared to the car in the photo below! Living in calm Switzerland where it is law to have it quiet outside after 10pm, this is the only night of the year you will hear loud fireworks well into the night. Happy Swiss Day!